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Drilling & blasting

At Dynapier, our expertise is focused on drilling and dynamiting services all over Québec. As quarry experts, we are renowned for our strong professionalism. Because controlling vibrations and flying debris is our priority, all work is carried out in accordance with industry regulations.

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Process of drilling & blasting

We take great care to closely monitor operations before, during and after blasting. Beginning with drilling adapted to the work environment, we proceed with rock fragmentation that complies with regulations and that is adapted to every project. Thanks to high-tech equipment adapted to each site, we are able to work under difficult terrain conditions in order to meet your specific needs.

In addition, our team installs seismographs in strategic locations as a guarantee that we never exceed the vibration and seismic waves in compliance with current regulations. Other preventative measures are also taken to minimize impact on the territory around the site, such as: blasting mats installed around the site, when necessary, to absorb blast energy and diminish flying debris, dust and other flashes. Our services also include adequate aggregates for crushing, according to your needs.

Our professionals take into consideration the geological terrain around the site and also choose techniques that are safe and adapted to the nature of the job at hand. Thus, we ensure optimal intervals between blasts, only using as much force as necessary for each one. Since dynamiting techniques are constantly evolving, we embrace all kinds of new technologies that allow us to improve the efficiency and quality of our work.


When it comes to safety, we make sure to always respect the strictest standards and regulations in place. Safety and security of employees and all nearby is of utmost importance to us. Speaking of safety, all of our employees receive training regarding measures to be applied on drilling and blasting sites. Our team takes the time to identify potential risks before each blasting operation and endeavors to systematically apply the prevention program.

Because we take great care to maintain relationships with the community, we work in close collaboration with municipal authorities and inform them prior to all activity.


Contact information

387 rue Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, QC
J0C 1A0

Tel.: 819-336-3777
Fax: 819-336-2227
[email protected]

Hours of operation

8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (closed noon - 1 p.m.)


387, rue Notre-Dame
Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil, QC
J0C 1A0

Tel. : 819-336-3777
[email protected]

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