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At Carrières P.C.M. and Carrières Trois-Rivières, we have high-scale projects by the ton! We specialize in the production of crushed stone, natural agricultural lime, manufactured sand, pebbles, abrasives and fine industrial stone. Whether your project requires fine or large-caliber aggregates, we can adapt the crushing to meet your needs. Our processes respect environmental requirements and our products are analyzed and conform to all standards. Refer to the following sections for more details about each of our products.

Crushed stone

Our quarries supply crushed stone that corresponds to existing standards, ideal for all your needs whether it be construction stone, bituminous concrete stone, stone for cement concrete or any other kind of stone.

We manufacture a large line of sifted stone, blasted stone, gravel and other aggregates coming from recycled materials, as well as other calibers, upon request.

Agricultural lime

You can source calcium lime through Carrières P.C.M. and Carrières Trois-Rivières. Certified BNQ 0419-070, our quarries distribute high-quality, natural, agricultural lime, the majority of which comes from limestone. Lime stimulates the decomposition of crop residues, destroys pathogenic micro-organisms, balances pH and increases fertilizer efficiency.

Sand and gravel

We operate sand and gravel pits and produce all kinds of manufactured sand and gravel. We can supply sand or gravel for all your agricultural, construction, roadway or other needs with rapid turnaround time.

Technical services

In addition to offering high-quality products, we also offer the services of our certified technicians. Because understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients is our priority, our team is highly qualified to take charge of your project. Our technicians are also able to offer advice and respond to your questions so that your commercial, agricultural or residential projects result in success.

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